Tap on the numbers to enter your new MTU value. The MTU value you choose will vary depending on your Internet connection. When using Cable Internet this is commonly 1500, and commonly 1492 for DSL Internet connections. Select OK to return to the Edit Connection Settings screen. Select Save, then OK. Select Test to begin the connection test.
  • Well Mtu 1473 has been proven to uncap speeds, on ps4 I’ve done 2 sets of {5 round tests for both mtu 1500 and 1473, lower mtu in general is proven to lower latency and if it is not actually lowering latency then I am recieving benefit of about 30-60 more download speeds im here to basically understand how to test for optimal mtu if there’s nothing to really test it then nobody really ...

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    Dec 11, 2018 · The NIC on your host, migh be set to use a MTU value other than 1500: Specially in windows, this may cause lots of weird results. Whether its set via adapter’s setting or the netsh command, that can influence your result.

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    Nov 21, 2020 · Step 8: For MTU settings, select ‘Automatic‘ and for Proxy Server, choose ‘Do not Use.’ Step 9: You can see the ‘Test Internet Connection‘ option in the ‘Settings.’ Here you can test different servers and complete the setup with the best DNS server for your PS4.

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    3) a Smart DNS service WILL allow you to bypass the blackouts if you want to Watch NFL Game Pass on PS4 as your main device. using a service like Overplay or SmartDNSProxy you can adjust your PS4 DNS settings so allow you to have the following set up. For this example i will assume the User in in the UK with a UK Game Pass Account

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